We are ModernCapital, a community of creative thinkers shaping the modern economy.


We believe the future of company building will be geographically distributed, hyper-personalized, and driven by tech.

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How We Operate


Founders First

We partner closely with startup founders navigating the early stages of company building and seeking local community. Are you a founder? Say hello!

Experts Follow 

Dynamic talent deserves access to equally dynamic resources and capital. We leverage our growing expert network from across the U.S. to support the founders building our collective future.

We #BuildInSE

ModernCapital believes the best talent will choose to #BuildinSE. (translation: Build in the Southeast).


Who We Are


Our team identifies new opportunities in emerging innovation centers by partnering with visionary leaders from the private, public, and civic sectors.



Jordan DeTar
Venture Fellow

Rebeca Ramón
Venture Fellow

Kathy Quigley
Venture Fellow

Monique Villa


Grace Huefner


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